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If bicycles could talk...

Bike Talk

Have you heard the expression "your bike says a lot about you"? No? Good. We don't think bikes should have much to do with your self-image. And, if your bike started talking about you literally, well, it might reveal things you do not wish to share. I'll just leave that there. Oh no. Not that. Shhhh Bike.

As our very first blog post, we'd like to tell you about our company and our bikes. We are pretty excited about our re-brand after twenty-plus years of doing the same thing, day in day out, ho-hum. We are as attached to being London Recumbents as Heinz is to beans so we are keeping that the same. But we have decided to give a name to our bike sales because we have always been dedicated to inclusive cycling and special needs, but, soooo many people had no idea! So, we are calling the sales side of our company "SpecialBikesUK".

There. That is a bit clearer - no? Not quite. But "Special Needs, Inclusive Cycling, Family Bikes, Recumbents, and other marvellous ways to cycle about town" is a bit too long. And "Special" is not just for special needs. Extraordinary. Distinctive. Unique. Remarkable. The thesaurus is full of words that fit our range of bikes.

We intend to use this blog to keep you informed about special needs cycling, expert tips on recumbent cycling and we may just interview a bike or two...

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