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The Beast From The East: The Best of Snow-Cycling Twitter

Are you stuck on a train? Under your duvet? Walking the dog who just can't get enough of it all? Or, are you zipping off your gaiters, dusting off your cap and stepping off a bicycle?

Our team is hearty. We braved the week via bicycle and enjoyed every glorious moment. And over a steaming cup of hot chocolate (yes marshmallows!) we checked out what you were all saying on Twitter.

Cycle Superhighways: The gritters definitely did not keep up, but, we did see some good efforts out there. It was a massive storm for a whole week after all, so, we understand how difficult it must have been to stay on top of things.

London Ambulance Cycling Team: You rock! We especially loved watching Kat barrel through the snow to treat patients...

Infrastructure: Several people posted photos pointing out just how much road space was used by cars where the road was clear and snow highlighting areas that might be reclaimed for walking and cycling.

Fun: Lots of happy cyclists were out there in the snow. We particularly enjoyed this tweet of a cycle/sledge machine!

And here's a few of our own tweets. Our Ben discovered mudguards can build up underneath with chunks of snow so maybe should be removed for snow cycling....

We really enjoyed our visit from Stuart who came to pick up his new Kettwiesel in the middle of it all!

Lastly, the staff hands-down decided a Trix is the ultimate snow machine!

Thank you #StormEmma!

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