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Top tips on inclusive holidays for people with disabilities

Photo: Pony Access

Planning a holiday that is inclusive for people with disabilities often involves double-checking lots of small details ahead of your visit. A bit ridiculous really. Inclusiveness is a human right based on the not so shocking idea that all humans are equal - a concept backed by the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. We know from supporting cyclists with disabilities that even a road designed without inclusive thinking can be a big hurdle. And yes, it is the road that is disabled in this case, not you.

We've a few top tips to help make your holiday smooth as inclusiveness still has a long way to go - especially when it comes to travel. If you've travelled with a disability before, this might seem like old rope to you - feel free to comment and add any other helpful hints you might have.

1. Think big. Don't just arrange for assistance at an airport or train station. Tweet about your experience, good or bad and raise awareness on who is doing a great job, and, who might need to improve.

2. Hotels and Guest houses. Access, slopes, and door measurements are things you can ring ahead to check out as you might find places have installed support rails and ramps but haven't thought through the rest of it. A phone call ahead of time can help.

3. Seeing the Sights. If you are planning on a visit, ring ahead to iron out the details as you might need to book ahead of time, or, visit on a particular day especially if you are travelling outside of the EU.

Do you want to be super-inspired? Fancy going places you thought you'd never get to? We think a bike/adapted bike can get you most anywhere, but, there are places that need that extra something. We just love what Simon Mulholland is doing with Pony Access.

Photo: Pony Access

With no need to transfer out of your wheelchair, Pony Access will scramble you up a rocky hill or take you for a jaunt through mucky sand with sustainable pony power. Check out Simon's website here: Simon is also on twitter and posts some cracking photos - follow him @ponyaccess.

If you'd like to add a bit of your own horsepower, we have a fleet of inclusive cycles in both Dulwich and Battersea Park. Our Duet bike has a handy detachable wheelchair so you can cycle to the cafe or zoo and keep rolling! We also have tandems and Side-by-Sides that are great for lots of different sorts of needs.

Do you have favourite places or top tips for inclusive travel? Let us know!

Photo: Pony Access

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