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Want to learn how to cycle, or, cycle more?

Grab a cuppa and check out our seven motivational tips to get you cycling...

We all have something we've never quite learned, mastered, or, done. Cycling, whether for pleasure, commuting or sport is one of those things that can be daunting to pick up later in life, or, to begin again if you are disabled. If you've never had the chance to learn how to ride a bike, fear not, we can help you work through your hesitations.

1. "I don't think I can." That inner voice. To be fair, it is a voice one should not dismiss. After all, your hesitations are genuine. What obstacles do you face? The answer is having the confidence to thinking through and working through or around these obstacles. The tool you can use is...

2. Confidence. Sometimes our inner confidence is just not enough. This is where friends and family come in. If you think about it, very few people have ever taught themselves to ride a bike completely alone. You need encouragment.

3. Encouragement. The word itself wraps around courage. You will find your courage through the encouragement and help of others. Whether you opt for lessons or sessions with friends and family, courage likes company.

4. A goal. We all need a reason to take something new on. Motivation to cycle is intrinsic - no one is going to give you a rewards card with a prize at the end. A self-driven goal program is the hardest thing to develop, but, the most rewarding thing to achieve.

5. But what do I get? That's the question any self-driven goal demands an answer to. Whether you are going to save money commuting, improve your mental health, keep fit, or expand your mobility options and see more of the world, one of these factors is going to propel you along through your learning. You may also be surprised that one reason is overtaken by something you hadn't expected.

6. Like pride. Feeling genuinely chuffed is one of the most powerful motivating factors out there. Our sense of pride never stands alone though. You may have "done it yourself" but we often seek the approval of others in our accomplishments. Our inner child never leaves us. You might say, "but I have no one who cares". You do. Whether it is your instructor, a memory of someone you love, or a partner, there is always a someone, or, a memory of someone. Hunt about your heart and pride will find its companion.

7. Now what? Get specific. Don't just say "I am going to learn how to cycle, or, I am going to start cycling more." Sign up for a class, or, set yourself a weekly timetable. Try different kinds of bicycles to find the one that works for you. Put this list in a loop and get visualising, gather round some support, and put it in the diary.

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