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Hello Easy Rider

Don't you think everyone should be able to cycle? Well, it turns out pretty much everyone can. And, with the big bad future rolling upon us, it is time to get your grandmother, great uncle and/or your lazy boyfriend on a bike. For air quality, for sustainability, for just the sheer number of us that will be battling for transport space, a bike is what we ought to be riding into the future.

But how do you convince grannie to get on a bike? The best bike for older people should offer stability, be easy to manage, and enjoy a boost from an e-motor to compensate for any age-related stuff. After all, who likes to be last and worn out from a journey?

Okay. I'm going to warn you - this post is a bit of an ad. But, bear with me, because this new bike by Hase is one of the more awesome solutions we've ever seen for older cyclists. Never mind older cyclists, I want one. With a roller bag for all my groceries. Now.

It comes in two models. Both the retro-70's easy rider Trigo Up (let's segue here to a classic 70's bicycle song....)

and the Trigo, (a more sporty recumbent thing) are super stable and easy to ride. And both can be easily retrofitted with an e-motor if you are afraid to splash out all at once. These recumbents are way less expensive than Hase's previous recumbent trikes and best of all, you can share them. Just like a car seat, the seat AND handlebars are adjustable with little levers to fit anyone between 4'7" and 6'7". That's an amazing plus for cycling centres who need a bike that quickly adjusts to different heights and riding styles. I think all the Centre Parcs need these and on that note, if Hase could make a junior version that would be awesome.

Learn more on our website about Trigo and Trigo Up...

*All photography courtesy Hase.

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