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10 reasons bikes for special needs children are beneficial

Riding a bike has all sorts of brilliant benefits across the board. A special needs child needs physical activity that is engaging and easy but has challenges and rewards. A bike fits the bill.

1. Achieve. Learning how to cycle is such a massive thrill. It is an achievement you'll remember forever.

2. Social. Let's go together! Cycling is a wonderful way to get out and about to meet friends, or, take a ride with family.

3. Balance. Cycling can help with coordination, flexibility and balance. Riding a bike contributes toward making regular activities more pleasurable by strengthening all these things.

4. Sleep. A good night's rest. The reward of being active can help sleep patterns, which in turn will give more energy for waking hours. A good loop.

5. Routine. Cycling can be integrated into a daily lifestyle, making it hardly feel like exercise.

6. Independence. Especially for special needs children, a bike can bring a new-found sense of independence . Being able to get places autonomously is amazing if you've not been able to easily.

7. Stress. Forget the world. Cycling is a known stress reducer. It gets your feel-good juices flowing.

8. Memory. Exercise is a known boost for your memory. Keep active and never leave your coat behind...

9. Breathe. Give a workout to your cardiovascular system, and just plain old breathe easier.

10. Fun. Bikes are heart and soul all about the most important thing in life - fun.

Is there anything on this list that does not equally apply to absolutely everyone? Of course not. Get cycling!

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