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Why an E-motor will make you do more with your life.

Do more with your life. It's such a lying-on-the-couch with a packet of crisps thought. But, e-motors are not just for the lazy. Pro-cyclists - the dynamos of the cycling world have been known to use them too.

Do you remember the story? Last year, pro-cyclist Femke Van den Driessche made headlines for concealing a motor in her bike frame. Motor doping. You need not have a competitive streak with your cycling to benefit from an e-motor, but, certainly more than a few riders have added one to keep up with mates. An e-motor is a massive equaliser, allowing people of different fitness levels and abilities to ride together.

What else? It is the perfect addition for commuters. Important work meeting and you don't want to be all sweaty? Pedal assist. Running late? Pedal assist. Hungover? Pedal assist.

An e-motor can not only add a bit of speed and help tackle hills, it can also keep you fitter. How? You'll push yourself harder, knowing you've got a back up supply of energy. You'll likely ride further too. South Downs, here we come. All in all, an e-motor can serve as a personal trainer to push you to cycle more than you might have without one.

For special needs and disabled, an e-motor can be transformative. We've added motors on to most of the bikes we carry to compensate for different disabilities. We've also retro-fitted a Brompton or two with a Shimano Steps motor.

E-motors make cycling more accessible for older riders as well. Add the stability of a trike to that mix and we'll all be battling for a bike rack space rather than a parking space at the supermarket.

Simply put, with an e-motor, you can do more with your life. Save time, go further, push harder.

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