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I forgot why I fell in love...

When all the chat is about converting more people to cycling rather than driving a car and how cycling benefits sustainability and health, losing sight of cycling's base appeal often happens. Recreation. It is simply good fun. I've been delighted with the ongoing push for more cycling but I had forgotten why I fell in love with it.

It may have started with learning how to do a wheelie, attaching cards to spokes (tg tg tg!), or splashing through the muddy woods. But foremost, the intense sense of freedom was the clincher. I can still immerse myself in the moment I realised that I could go anywhere. Down onto the pavement, a glimpse ahead to the house on the hill, followed by the anticipation of the ride down the other side. Where next? The world was mine. I bet you remember a similar moment.

For special needs people, riding a bike or trike might require a bit more effort or adaptation but the feeling of freedom and enjoying the outdoors is just as powerful, perhaps more so.

Wow. Germany! Land of recumbent cycling!

There are many places throughout the UK that offer inclusive cycling. Some operate in car-free environments for recreation or serve as a stepping stone to on-road cycling. A good number are small charities or social enterprises that rely on support so if you are feeling big-hearted, do pitch in if you'd like. Here are links to a few such places in the UK. Click on the website links in the Google map to see how each enterprise operates and if they are clubs, require booking, etc...

If your organisation provides inclusive cycling and would like to be added, email - we'd love to fill the map with more little green bikes!

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